HTML Resume Template

Although I dislike the idea of getting a job as much as the next guy, I recently found myself in the position of rewriting my old resume and having another go at sending it around. I also thought that a little revamping wouldn’t hurt, so I started digging around the internet for a nice template. I soon realized that most templates were either ugly, badly coded or quite expensive, so I decided to do what any student seeking a job would do: stall … and write my own.
I only managed to come up with a single design, but it does come with

2 corner types

and 3 different background patterns

each in 5 different colors

so chances are you’ll find a combination that tickles your taste.
You might also want to take a look at the DEMO. The template is valid HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript free and quite printer friendly. This is what a Google Chrome Print to PDF version looks like.
The icons are part of the Social Media Mini Icon Pack from Komodo Media and you are required to link back to their site to use them. Awesome backgrounds courtesy of Pattern Cooler, pure CSS tooltips stolen from this page.


To change the template style (the default is green with rounded corners), just edit the “style.css” file. All you need to do is remove two lines for a new style to take effect.
Please note that the files use Unix/Linux line endings and will not display properly in silly text editors such as Notepad. If you’re using Windows, I recommend trying out¬†Notepad++.

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